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"I don't see why I should," replied Major Bergan, sharply; "I've always been strong and hearty,鈥攚hat had I to do with making wills? And, now that I think of it, what have I to do with it now? I'm not in a decline yet, by any means."

Bergan looked considerably startled. "Your sketch tallies well with some impressions of mine, which I did my best to rid myself of," said he. "But Doctor Remy has befriended me, from the first, and you yourself say that he has been largely the means of saving my mother's life.".
The sentence died away in an inarticulate growl, but the boy was plainly at no loss to understand its purport. With a startled look, he fixed his eyes on the torch, and only ventured to withdraw them for an occasional, furtive glance at the object of his curiosity. Meanwhile, his master opened the letter, and read it deliberately from beginning to end. The light of the torch fell full upon his face as he did so, giving Bergan Arling an opportunity to study him, in his turn..
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The latter only smiled. "When I want my will made," said he, coolly, "I will employ you to do the job."?
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"You's own boy Brick, Massa Harry," was the reply.!
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Some moments elapsed before Bergan could answer. Compelled by the question to make a sudden, rapid investigation into the deeper things of the heart, he was confounded at the unexpected result. Too truthful, however, to attempt to hide it, he finally answered, thoughtfully;鈥.
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Stepping to an open French window, Mr. Bergan slightly raised his voice and called,鈥
"Why, that is Mr. Arling!" exclaimed Coralie, in sudden consternation. "What can have happened to take him away so suddenly?"
His wife caught his arm, "You are not going to shirk the responsibility in that way," she said, decidedly. "I really want your advice. Am I to ask Dr. Remy?"
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